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Search Form Customization

You can customize the city list, property type labels, and default price ranges to tailor the search experience on your site for your market and business needs. To get started, login to your Control Panel and navigate to Setup > Search Settings.

Be sure to check out the Search Location customization option to make your search forms even smarter!

Open house search does not support the custom city list option at this time.

Custom City List

A custom city list makes it easier for site visitors to search the areas you serve. Eureka search will display the custom city list when a user clicks into the "Location" field on a quick search or the Eureka search form. For clients who are not using Eureka, the custom city list allows you to select the cities that appear when “View All” is clicked on the IDX Search page. 

To create a custom city list:

  1. Login to your Control Panel and navigate to Setup > Search Settings.
  2. Click Search Cities under Search Setup.
  3. Turn the Custom City List ON
  4. Use the check boxes to select the cities for the custom list
  5. Click Save Custom City List

The list of custom cities will be displayed on the right side of the page. To make additional updates, select or clear the check boxes as needed and save the changes.

Below the area where cities are selected, clients on Eureka or Responsive will see the option to restrict searches to the custom city list. Checking this box will prevent autosuggestion of cities that are not in the custom city list. It will also remove the "More" option seen when a client clicks "View All" in Responsive search.

Property Types & Prices

When visitors first view the search form page, default property types, and default minimum and maximum prices, are already entered into the corresponding fields on the page. You can customize this default information so that it best matches the needs of your target audience. (Visitors can also change the minimum and maximum amounts when conducting a search.)

Click on Property Types & Prices under Search Setup to:

  • Select which property types you want to include on the IDX tools.
  • Customize the name that is used for that property type.
  • Customize the default minimum and maximum prices associated with that property type.
  • Change the order in which the property types are displayed in the drop-down box.

The Property Type drop-down box is on the Search, Email Updates sign-up, and Featured Listings pages.

To configure default property types and prices:

  1. Login to your Control Panel and navigate to Setup > Search Settings.
  2. Click on the Property Types & Prices tab of the Search Setup page.
  3. Select which property types to include in your search.
  4. Modify display order, name, and price range as desired.
  5. Click Save Changes.

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