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Sending Yourself All Campaign Letters at One Time (Test Campaign)

iHomefinder ONE

Your system has the ability to send you copies of each of your campaigns. This way, you can see all the email letters your leads will be receiving, and also see if you would like to change anything.

There are a few things to note:

  1. You will not necessarily receive the campaign letters in order.
  2. Some campaign letters may go into your spam box. It just depends on your security settings.
  3. Send yourself one campaign at a time. Wait for all of those campaign letters to arrive and either review and delete them, or create a folder and file them before you send yourself another campaign. If you send yourself a number of campaigns at one time, it gets very confusing as to which letter belongs to which campaign.
  4. You will not see the unsubscribe link or your personal information under the bottom graphic.
  5. Your name may not populate in the greeting of the test letters. They may only show a comma. However, the name of the lead will populate when the real campaign letters go out.

Here’s how to send yourself the campaign letters. We call it sending yourself a test campaign.

  1. Log into your iHomefinder ONE Control Panel
  2. Click on Campaigns and click on Test for the Campaign you want sent
  3. Add your Name, Email Address, and click Send
  4. Wait for the emails to arrive in your inbox

If you would like to make changes to the letters, we would recommend making a copy of the original campaign first. Once you’ve made editorial changes to any of the letters, these changes become permanent. If you have a backup copy you can restore a letter.

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