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Switching to an Optima Express Account

It’s possible to switch your Optima IDX or iSite account to an Optima Express account (IDX plugin for WordPress). All of your leads, IDX search settings, and Saved Search Pages will be retained in your account after switching. Your monthly billing will automatically adjust once your account is switched.

If you need to develop your new WordPress website while keeping your IDX active in your original account, you can set up an Optima Express trial account to work with on your new WordPress-based website.

Optima Express Trial Account Signup

The trial account will allow you to configure most of the IDX pages and widgets within your WordPress Dashboard while using demo MLS data (trial accounts will not provide your actual MLS data). Any links to Hot Sheets you build in your new WordPress website should use the original Hot Sheet links in your active iHomefinder account.

When your new WordPress website is ready, you can contact us to have your original iHomefinder Optima IDX or iSite account switched to an Optima Express account. We will then provide you with a new Optima Express plugin registration key to replace the registration key you received with the trial account.

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