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Search Location Customization

The Location field in your Property Search forms will intelligently autofill as users type a location. You can make the autofill recognize more locations such as schools, neighborhood or subdivisions (where available in your MLS) to help users with their searches. 


search location customization


Setting it Up

  1. If you're using Optima Express, update your plugin to version 2.4 or higher.

  2. In your IDX Control Panel, go to Setup > Search Settings > Location Customization

  3. Select the areas you’d like added to your Location field’s autosuggest from the available geographic fields. These vary from board to board, and the quality of the data can vary as well. You can preview the entries in each field.
    Customization in Control Panel

  4. When data from a selected field appears in autosuggest, the field type will be included in parentheses for clarity. For example, a school district entry would appear as “Springfield (School District)” to differentiate this entry from the city of Springfield. If you wish to change the display name for a field you’ve selected, please enter it in the Display Name field. Make this field empty if you’d prefer to not display the field type.

  5. Save changes.

  6. Add the new location types to the default text that appears in the Location field, so your site visitors will know what criteria they can type in their searches.


This feature is only available using Responsive product versions and is not available in fixed-width versions.

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