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Draw on Map - Consumer Polygon Search

Consumer Polygon search allows site visitors to draw their search area on a map and view all properties that fall inside their drawn area. This option is also available when visitors sign up for email alerts for new listings.

When enabled, a tab labeled "Draw on Map" will be displayed next to the "Location" tab in the Basic and Advanced search pages and in the Email Alerts signup form.

This feature is available in Power, Gold and Broker plans. Clients using Optima Express should update to version 2.8.0 or higher.

idx polygon search


Turn on the "Draw on Map" Option

"Draw on Map" is turned on by default if you signed up for an account on or after August 25th, 2015.

If you signed up for an account before August 25th, 2015, here's how to turn on this feature:

1) Access your IDX Control Panel, then select Setup > Search Settings > Map Search 

2) Set "Display 'Draw on Map' option on search forms" to On.

Configure the map

The map that is displayed with the Draw on Map option will enherit the zoom and center point settings used by the Interactive Map Search.

Here's how to change these settings:

1) Access your IDX Control Panel, then select Setup > Search Settings > Map Search 

2) Set the zoom level or enter an address to use as the centerpoint of the map. If no address is entered, your company address listed in your account will be used as the map centerpoint.



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