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Paperwork Manager

The paperwork manager page is an overview of all client paperwork activity. Using this page, resellers can manage client paperwork and monitor the status of their paperwork processes.

  • Status Overview: The status overview tab of your paperwork manager displays the 25 most recently modified paperwork processes. In addition, you may filter your paperwork by Client/Company name, CID, paperwork status, and MLS board.
    • Client Name: the client name field provides the Client/Company name of the most recent paperwork processes. Clicking on the client name links you to an overview of all paperwork processes completed and in process for that client.
    • CID: the Client ID of the Client attempting to add the MLS board.
    • Board: the board, which the client is attempting to add.
    • Current Status: the current status of the paperwork process
    • Modified Date: the date on which the paperwork was most recently modified
  • Manage Client: In addition to locating a specific client’s paperwork manager, you may use the Manage Client tab to locate a specific client’s paperwork by using his/her CID. The Manage Client section of the Paperwork Manager displays the client’s details, the history of all board, which the client has added in the past, and the current progress of the latest MLS Board paperwork process. To manage the paperwork process of a different MLS Board, click the MLS board name under your paperwork history on the right.

In summary, the paperwork manager allows partners:

  • To track the status of their client’s paperwork.
  • To re-prompt their client if paperwork has not been submitted.


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