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Listing Report Pages & Alerts

When a Market is created, a corresponding Listing Report page and alert are generated for MarketBoost clients. These pages offer an easy and targeted way to add relevant listings to a website, and alerts are a great way to inform prospects and clients about listing activity, and bring them back to your website to get the details.

Listing Report Pages

A Listing Report page (formerly called a Saved Search Page) shows all listings that meet the search criteria used to define the Market. MarketBoost clients have Listing Report pages that display both active and sold listings for the Market (for clients with solds available from their MLS). Additionally, visitors can sign up for alerts from the Listing Report page by using the button that appears in the Market Navigation, or by adding the signup widget to the page.

Listings Report Page


Listing Alerts

Listing Alert emails are sent daily, if activity has occurred, and keep clients and prospects up to date with the market, including new and sold listings, as well as price changes. Subscribers will receive a mobile-friendly email with property details that link back to your website, as well as an easy way to save listings that interest them. You'll have access to analytics that show which emails were sent, and which clients clicked through or saved properties.


Listing Alert



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