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Getting Started with Optima IDX

Note: You should work with a qualified web designer to help you integrate the IDX pages into your website. Knowledge of HTML/CSS and access to your website’s source code is required.

To make account changes you will need to login to your Control Panel.


1. Select a template


Optima IDX comes in a variety of page widths and colors. To change your pages from the default, within the Control Panel navigate to Setup > Design & Branding > Templatesand make your selection.



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2. Add Your Website Branding

NOTE: If you will be using frameset/iframe integration, skip this step (do not apply HTML branding) and refer to our iframe integration guide for Optima IDX. 


Optima IDX pages are hosted separately from your website. Add your branding in order for these pages to display your website’s navigation and design.

Go to Setup > Design & Branding > Branding, paste your Header & Footer HTML in the fields provided, and then click Submit Changes. Your branding will then appear on all of your IDX pages.




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3. Add Your Email Branding

If your account includes Email Alerts, add your branding to the emails sent to your clients & prospects. Go to Setup > Email Settings > Branding and paste in your header & footer.



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4. Integration


Link from your site navigation to the IDX pages available to you. The IDX Page Links page under Setup > Account will contain all of the IDX pages iHomefinder provides.



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More Features

Your IDX setup is complete – but your Optima IDX account offers much more. Learn more about these advanced features (not included with all packages):

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