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Account Management

Switching to an Optima Express Account

It’s possible to switch your Optima IDX or iSite account to an Optima Express account (IDX plugin for WordPress). All of your leads, IDX search settings, and Saved Search Pages will be retained in your account ...

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Optima Express Transition (Demo Account)

You may switch your client's current package to Optima Express (the WordPress Package) by logging into your Partner Portal and navigating to Account Setup > Package Config > Package Selector (drop down). ...

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Upgrade and Add Interactive Map Search

You will first need to switch your client to a Power Agent IDX package or above. This can be done by logging into the Partner Portal and navigating to Client Search > (enter client's CID or name) > Accoun...

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How to Disable / Cancel an IDX Account

If you wish to disable an account, and thus stop from being billed for the account, you only need to disable the account. Deleting the account is not necessary. Plus, if the client chooses to come back you will...

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Enable Agent Login for Broker IDX

To enable the Agent Login system for Broker accounts, navigate in your Partner Portal to Client Search > (Search for Client) > Account Setup > Client Options (tab) > Agent Login System: On. After th...

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Client ID

Where do I find my Client ID number? * Your Client ID number can be found in your iHomefinder new client welcome email, and in the top right corner of your IDX control panel (next to your name). * To have you...

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