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Property Types

Property types vary, based on the data released into IDX by each board. Not all property types are found in IDX in all boards we serve. Property Types in Our IDX Search Menus House - A single-family prope...

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Draw on Map - Consumer Polygon Search

Consumer Polygon search allows site visitors to draw their search area on a map and view all properties that fall inside their drawn area. This option is also available when visitors sign up for email alerts fo...

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Polygon Saved Search Pages

Power, Broker and Gold package clients can create Saved Search Pages that show results within an area drawn on a map. This allows you to target specific local areas - whether it's one block, a coastline, the ar...

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How Can Search and Display Fields be Added in IDX for my Board?

iHomefinder carefully manages IDX listing data to ensure that only fields an MLS® System permits for display are shown, and that the search menus and displays provide the most informative and user-friendly info...

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Search Location Customization

The Location field in your Property Search forms will intelligently autofill as users type a location. You can make the autofill recognize more locations such as schools, neighborhood or subdivisions (where ava...

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Basic Search and Advanced Search

Basic search in our IDX offers these features: Search by these uniform criteria: City (and neighborhood, in some urban areas such as New York and San Francisco) Zip code or postal code Bed and bath m...

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