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Setting up WordPress

1. Do you have a domain name? If not, pick and name and see if the domain name you’d like is available. Go ahead and purchase your domain. Places to register your domain name include,, an...

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WordPress 101

You'll get the most from your OmniPress site if you know the basics of WordPress. WordPress is a content management system and it's what you work with when you login to your website dashboard. If you're new to...

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Creating Menu Links

Login to your WordPress Dashboard. From here navigate to Appearance > Menus. If you have not already created a menu you will want to do so. Enter in a title under Menu Name and click Create Menu. ...

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Divi Footer Alignment

If you're a Divi user, you may have seen that on some of the IDX pages, the footer appears to look jumbled up or misaligned. Divi has a specific way of styling the footer of your website, but this styling does...

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Working With the WordPress Menu

For Omnipress and Optima Express users, a pre-defined menu called "Optima Express" is added that you can use as your primary menu within WordPress. This menu includes many of our IDX pages, including Search, F...

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