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Cloud IDX

API Specification

CloudIDX Bulk Data API Specification The following methods are available in the Bulk Data API. The syntax below follows Java conventions. Developers should adapt these method signatures to their particular cl...

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Cloud IDX Real-Time API

Using the Cloud IDX Real-Time API The Cloud IDX Real-Time API offers on-demand retrieval of IDX property listing data (active listings only) from an iHomefinder server. The API is a RESTful web service compr...

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Cloud IDX Bulk Data API

Using the Cloud IDX Bulk Data API The Cloud IDX Bulk Data API provides access to iHomefinder's aggregated and standardized listing data from one or more MLS® Systems. Listing data is made available via a SOA...

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What skills are needed to manage CloudIDX

To make integrating Cloud IDX easy, it's built as a RESTful API. You don't have to have any familiarity with Web Services or SOAP requests. You will need a developer with a basic understanding of the language...

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