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MLS Portal - Frequently Asked Questions


What is the MLS Portal?

The MLS Portal is a product that allows an association or MLS to have an IDX feed and directory for their members.

Who Can Use the MLS Portal?

Real estate associations and any participating MLS.

Hosting / Technical

When listing agents receive new leads, do those go right to their email address on file or to some other messaging system within ihomefinder? Can those emails be branded/customized?

Emails go directly to the listing agent. The emails can be customized.

Given that member profile web pages do not use the wordpress plugin (but instead are hosted by ihomefinder), do we have any type of customization capabilities for those such as custom css or something else? We’d like to brand those to match the rest of the website look as much as possible.

These member profiles are included in the plugin

Can we make it so the property search will show just listings from the specific local association rather than the entire MLS?

It will be an engineering project for iHomefinder. In the meantime, we will be able to limit searchable listings to any and all cities that include your MLS/association’s listings. You must provide a list of cities that that association covers.

Are we able to filter options in the IDX feed by county(not just by cities)?

In some MLSs we have an advanced search for counties (for residential listings). It is not currently available on the basic search.

Is there a way to use a shortcode or something similar to output only a certain “type” of member (such as a REALTOR vs. an inspector)?

There are no search parameters for the member search apart from name.

And is there a way to easily add a supplemental list of members (i.e. an affiliates list?)?

Searchable members must be in the RETS roster data.

Do you recommend any hosting solutions?

Although we don’t formally recommend hosting services, many people use siteground and WP Engine.

Is search nearby (geolocation to find listings) available?


Pricing Questions

Assuming this number fluctuates, how often do you re-assess or adjust for a changing membership total?

We run a count of members from the member roster data and adjust the pricing accordingly on a monthly basis.

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