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Configuring ONE + Optima Express

If you have purchased the iHomefinder ONE product combined with the WordPress plugin there will be a few settings that you will need to complete within your WordPress dashboard. 

1. Adding in Markets to your website 

The implementations team will assist you in creating the markets within your iHomefinder ONE Control Panel, however you will then need to add them into your WordPress dashboard. You can do so by logging into your WordPress dashboard > Pages > Add New. Once you are in the page you will see a house icon at the top of your text box, you will click on this and use the shortcode selector to add in the desired. Once you have added in the page you can add it to your menu! 

2. Email Branding 

You can locate your email branding within your WordPress dashboard > Optima Express > Email Branding. Here, you will have 2 options. Either you can do the Basic Branding option and add in your agent photo, logo, and contact information or you can setup your own HTML. 

3. Agent Bio Widget 

Within your WordPress account you will have widgets that you can include within your website in any widget area (typically this will be within your footer or sidebar). One of these widgets is an Agent Bio. You can set this up within your WordPress dashboard > Optima Express > Agent Bio. Once you have added in the content you can add in the widget within your Appearance section > Widgets. 

4. Using the Optima Express Shortcode Selector 

The Optima Express plugin comes with a shortcode selector that makes it really easy for you to add in IDX Content to any custom WordPress page, you can assess the shortcode selector in 2 ways. The first is by going to Optima Express > Shortcode, here you can create the menu and save it to your clipboard. Alternatively, you can create a page within WordPress and locate the house icon at the top of the text box. 

5. Adding in IDX Pages to your WordPress menu 

With your plugin you will have some ready-to-use IDX Pages that you can easily add to your WordPress menu. You can do so by going to Optima Express > IDX Pages and locating the page that you want to add and copy the permalink for that page. Once you have the permalink you will go to Appearance > Menus > Custom Link. You will clear out all of the information within "URL" and add in the permalink that you posted and give the menu item a title. You can then click on add to menu and drag and drop the menu item into the desired location. 

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact our support team at or at 866-700-8855 ex 1 

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