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iHomefinder ONE Setup Requirements

iHomefinder ONE includes setup services and training to help you launch ONE successfully. After you have signed up for ONE, please send the following information, along with your CID, to our team at Once they have received this information, they will contact you with next steps for your implementation services.

Existing Leads & Contact List – This could be an export from an existing CRM or even a spreadsheet you have. We’ll do the formatting necessary to bring it into our system.
Personal, Team, or Company Logos – These will be incorporated into your website and email stationery
Personal/Team Photo – These will also be incorporated into the website.
About Page – If you have an existing write-up on yourself or your team, we will incorporate that into the website.
Markets – A list of up to 10 cities, counties, or zip codes that define the market you serve. We’ll create the initial Market pages you can use to promote your business.
Team Member Information – For teams and brokerages, please send a list of your team members, their contact information, bio details, and photos so that we can create their user profiles in your CRM.

Please include your client ID when sending your information. We look forward to helping you launch iHomefinder ONE!

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