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Sending an Email

iHomefinder ONE

Following are instructions on how to send and email to your database.

First, here are some quick facts:

  1. Emails to your database are blind-copied. The email will look like it was only sent from you to that particular recipient.
  2. Also, if you send an email to multiple groups and/or campaigns and you have the same people in some of these groups/campaigns, the system will automatically de-duplicate the email address so they receive one copy of your email.

Here are the steps to send an email:

  1. From the main menu, click on Communications > Send Email.
  2. Click on Send a Blast Message.
  3. Click on the To:. A screen will appear allowing you to select the recipients of your email. You can select a combination of, as well as numerous, Groups and Campaigns.
    A common question is "What happens if I have a lead in more than one selected group or campaign?" The system will automatically de-duplicate the email address so they only receive one copy of your email.
  4. Click OK when you're finished selecting recipients.
  5. Enter the subject line of your email and set the Date to Send.
  6. Enter in the content of your email within the content field.
  7. Click Preview Email to see a preview if your email.
  8. If you are satisfied with the preview, you can click Send Message to send out the email, or Cancel to continue making revisions.

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