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Automated Lead Aggregation

iHomefinder ONE

Access and manage all your leads in one place with iHomefinder ONE's automated lead aggregation. Your leads from Zillow,, Trulia and 30 other sources will flow directly into iHomefinder ONE, where they'll be tracked, routed, and added to campaigns according to your automation settings. There's no need to worry that a valuable lead will get lost in the shuffle once it's added to iHomefinder ONE.

Setting up lead aggregation
You'll use your custom iHomefinder ONE email address for all your lead generation accounts. You can find this address under CRM Tools > Team Management. Then log into your lead generation accounts and add the iHomefinder ONE address to the list of email notification addresses.

After that, new lead notifications will come directly to iHomefinder ONE, which triggers:

  1. Import into your iHomefinder ONE lead list
  2. Instant notification to you and/or anyone configured to receive notification
  3. Lead routing to team members
  4. Autoresponders and follow-up campaigns

Here’s how the program works:

1. The program is intended to provide automated real-time lead import so that regardless of the lead source, you can use our automated follow-up system.

2. The program is intended to support commercial products as lead sources only.  We may consider supporting a custom format for an additional customization fee.

3. iHomefinder will consider supporting new commercial lead sources on a case-by-case basis, depending on client demand (see below).

4. We do not accept forwarded email messages for lead notifications. The lead notification we receive must be the original email generated by the lead source.

5. Some systems, such as Top Producer Market Snapshot, only allow a single email address for notifications. This single address must be replaced with an iHomefinder email address. 

Our systems will generate a lead notification message for you when the imported lead arrives, so the agent (and others, if desired) will get a notification.

If you feel you must receive the original system notification, the only way to accomplish this is with a third party email forwarding service such as those offered by In this case, the original tool (e.g. Top Producer Market Snapshot) is set up with the GoDaddy email address, which then sends the original message to both the agent and to iHomefinder. 

6. The lead notification source must send ONLY lead notifications.  No personal email, no spam, etc. Otherwise, that will clog the queue of messages our system needs to process. iHomefinder reserves the right to disable lead receipt from sources that forward spam or other unintelligible messages.

Lead aggregation sources:

Arch Telecom (IVR)
Boomtown ROI
Dakno (Notifications from
Dave Ramsey
Dynetech (Saristech; eAppraisal)
Gabriels (
Goomzee (Subject line: New Lead from
HotPads (IDX Broker)
Market Leader (subject line: ”New Website User”, “Web Site Listing Inquiry,” and “Requested Showing”.)
Number 1 Expert
Real Estate Info Online
Real Pro Systems
Reliance (RE/MAX)
SpatialMatch (ConsulNet; Notifications from
Top Producer (e.g. Market Snapshot)



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