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Group Visibility – Team vs. Private Groups

iHomefinder ONE

Account owners and administrators sometimes have questions about the Platinum group visibility among team members, or basically the difference between team and private groups. This feature can be a bit confusing.

Here’s a common question:

When logging in as the administrator I can only see my groups, not any of the groups belonging to the other agents. However, the other agents can see both their own groups and mine as well. Shouldn’t it be the other way?


The behavior described only refers to the groups themselves, not the contents of those groups. Here’s why it works like this…

  • As the primary administrator you dictate the team business process. If you want your team to organize their leads into specific groups, you create those groups in your account.
  • Groups in the primary admin account are team groups, visible to all users in the system.
  • While team groups are visible to all users, the contents of those groups are only visible based on the individual users permissions. In other words, your team members can only see their own leads in those groups, unless you grant them admin privileges, then they would see all leads in those groups regardless of agent assignment.
  • It shouldn’t be necessary for the administrator to see what other groups individual agents use to further organize their leads, but if curious, an admin can switch between users to examine their private groups.

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