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Making someone an administrator on your site

iHomefinder ONE

You have the ability in your iHomefinder ONE system to make a team member an administrator on your website. This gives the person access to all of your leads, contacts and prospect’s, the ability to access other team members admin panels, as well as the ability to change anything else on your website. If you would like to make a CRM user an administrator on your account, here is how:

1. Click on CRM in the top menu then scroll down to the "Team Members & Permissions" section

2. Locate the CRM User you would like to make an administrator on your site and click on the Edit button next to their name.

3. Check the box next to “Is Admin” (at the bottom) and then click on the Save button.

4. Refresh your IDX Control Panel and you will see that the CRM User now has (Admin) next to their name.

5. Have your new administrator log out of their admin panel and to log back in. They should then have full access.


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