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Lead Forwarding

When new leads register through your iHomefinder account, they may be forwarded to external services that offer additional lead management features.

Zapier Integration (Beta)

Set up Zapier to accept leads from iHomefinder and zap them to Zapier-supported services!

Visit our Zapier Integration article for instructions!

Forwarding Leads By Email

If you use a lead management service that accepts leads via email parsing, the service will provide you with an email address to enter in your iHomefinder Control Panel.

Here are some services that can accept leads via email parsing:

To forward your leads via email, go to Setup > Advanced Routing.

Check the box next to 'Other' and paste the email address provided by your lead management service into the field.

Typically, you'll want to pick and choose which emails to forward. Make sure to read the descriptions for each section. When you're done setting up, it's a good idea to test the lead forwarding by going to your website and submitting a form. The Contact Form Submission is usually an easy one to try!

Lead Transmisstion Standard (LTS) Integration

Another option is our Lead Forwarding Service which is built into all accounts. This passes XML POST data to an external system that supports this data exchange.

External systems that support the Lead Transmisstion Standard currently include:

From with in the iHomefinder Control Panel, go to Setup > Account > Integrations, then click the Add an Integration button.

Choose Custom or Top Producer, then click +LTS to add a new integration.

Click to open your new integration and enter in the information provided by your lead management service.

Lead Forwarding for Developers

Developers can write translation code to adapt the output of our Lead Forwarding Service to third-party lead management and CRM systems, such as InfusionSoft.

Take a look at our Lead Forwarding for Developers article for more information.

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