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Pending Mode Explained

After creating a new account in the Partner Portal you will notice that it is in a 'Pending' mode. While the account is in this mode, you will not be billed monthly for the account. This mode exists to ensure that the client is given time to go through the IDX paperwork process, and also so that you are given time to integrate the IDX pages with the custom website you are building, without incurring any charges for the account.
Note that when you first setup a new account and add an MLS board via the 'MLS Setup' step, the MLS board is shown under a 'Pending Boards' table. A pending MLS board is not the same as the 'Pending' status of the IDX account itself. Once the IDX paperwork process is completed, the Property Search page will be populated with the city list and ZIP code list, and searches may be performed to view the listings provided by the MLS (Multiple Listings Service).
Once the MLS board data is made available, and you have finished the integration with the custom website, you can go to the Client Options tab in for the account and uncheck the 'Pending' check box. This will remove the '(Pending Account - not for public use)' notice from the top of the IDX pages, and will begin the billing process for the new account.

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