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Performance, Speed, and Page Loading Times

Website performance, speed, and page loading times can vary depending on many external factors such as the speed of your internet connection, and the connection between the client's host and our servers.

Here is a link to our demo site for reference, which is a good source for comparison in seeing the performance common with Optima Express (our WordPress plugin). The demo site uses the same WordPress platform and Optima Express plugin as your IDX site (if you're using Optima Express).

One thing to keep in mind, unlike static website pages and blog posts, IDX listings are hosted on our servers, and that information is served dynamically. It will normally take a little extra time (in terms of seconds) when compared to a blog post or a simple webpage.

It’s generally good practice to optimize use of plugins and resources on your site, as each can contribute to the total load time of your pages.


If you have any questions about plugin performance, speed, or page loading times, please contact our support team (please include your iHomefinder client ID when contacting us).

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