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Optima IDX Widgets

Setting up your account to support widgets

This guide instructs on how to use the sidebar widgets for Optima IDX. Widgets are on by default for clients using the Responsive version. For those on the Fixed-Width (Legacy) version, within the Control Panel, navigate to Setup > Design & Branding > Templates and select any 950 px wide template. 

Adding widgets in the sidebar

Each IDX page displays a group of widgets in the sidebar by default. To change the order,
customize, or add new widgets to the sidebar, navigate to Setup > Design & Branding Setup > Widgets.

Select the page you wish to customize from the list on the left. Click the “Customize
Sidebar” button and you will see the drag-and-drop configuration screen.


Available widgets appear in the center of the page, and the widget types available vary
for each page. Add a widget to a page by dragging an available widget from the
“Available Widgets” column into the “Selected Widgets” column on the right. There is a
limit of four widgets per page. Widgets will display in the order they appear. To
change the vertical position of a widget, select that widget, then drag and drop it in the
desired location.

Configure widgets in the Selected area by clicking the arrow button on the right side of
the widget. It will expand to show the customizable fields available. Make your edits and
click save. Your changes will display on your site immediately.


Property Gallery Widgets

A property gallery widget displays a series of properties in the sidebar of a page. A
property gallery can display Featured Listings or listings from a Saved Search (Hot Sheet/Top Picks).

To configure a property gallery, drop it into the “Selected Widgets” column and then click
the arrow button to expand the widget.

Choose whether you’d like to display Featured Listings or a Hot Sheet, then add a
Widget Title to appear above the properties when they display on your site. Select the
number of listings you would like to display. If you’ve selected a Hot Sheet under widget
type, you will see a list of your available Hot Sheets. Select the Hot Sheet you would like
to display within the widget.

Click “Save”. The widget will appear in the sidebar of the selected page immediately.


Custom HTML Widget

The Custom HTML widget allows you enter HTML of your choosing or design to display
in the sidebar of any page. Whether it’s a photo and content of your choice, or embed
code from a Facebook or Twitter widget, simply copy the code into the area provided
after dragging the widget to the “Selected Widgets” column. Click “Save,” and your page
will display the entered content immediately.


Email Signup Widget

The Email Signup Widget is a versatile lead capture widget that allows site visitors to easily sign up for email alerts. When placed in the sidebar, the Email Signup Widget will appear on the search results page. When a lead completes the open form, they will receive email alerts based on the search they just performed 

The Email Signup Widget also works with MarketBoost pages to allow signup for MarketBoost email alert types. When placed in the sidebar for Market pages, this widget will appear on Market Report Pages, Listing Report Pages, and Open Homes pages and will subscribe the lead to the email alert type that corresponds to the Market and page they are viewing.


Contact Form/Request More Information Widgets

Tests have shown that website visitors are more likely to contact you when presented
with an open form on a website page. Both the Contact and Request More Information
widgets are designed to help you get more leads.

Available on Property Details pages only, the Request More Info widget allows website
visitors to contact you about a specific property. They are identical to the lead submitted
when a website visitor clicks the “Request More Info” button on the Property Details
page and submits the form that presents.

The Contact form widget is a general contact form, that can be used on any page to
invite website visitors to get in touch with you.

You can customize the title that appears over both the Contact and Request More Info


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