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Interactive Map Search (Optima IDX)

Optima IDX Power, Gold Agent and Broker plans include our Interactive Map Search feature. This can be incorporated into your website by linking to the provided Interactive Map page or by embedding the map search widget into an existing page using JavaScript.




Locating the Map Search Page

The link to the map search page can be found with the other IDX page links in the Control Panel, under Setup > Account Settings > IDX Page Links (

You may access this page now by entering your CID at the end of this URL: CID

Embedding Map Search into a Custom Page

You can embed the map search into your custom pages by utilizing the following JavaScript. Replace YOUR CID with the Client ID associated with your account.



<div id="ihf_map_widget">&nbsp;&nbsp;</div>
  <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>


You can change the width and height values to any size larger than 300px x 300px.

Specifying a Specific Location on the Map

You can specify a center point and zoom level for the map by including ‘centerlat=’, ‘centerlong=’ and ‘zoom=’. Here is an example of this JavaScript being used with the geo-coordinates for El Dorado Hills, CA:


<div id="ihf_map_widget">&nbsp;&nbsp;</div>
  <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>


Using Geo-coordinates: You will want to use a tool to locate the Latitude and Longitude, but ensure the minus sign (-) is used when entering in a longitude within North America. If this isn’t specified, the address entered into your IDX Control Panel under Setup > Search Settings > Map Search will be used.

Using the zoom level: This map supports zoom levels between 7 – 20, 7 being zoomed out far enough to view a few cities and 20 being zoomed in close enough that you only see one house on the map. If this isn’t specified, the default zoom level entered under Setup > Search Settings > Map Search will be used.

After you make these changes you may need to clear your browser cache to see the changes reflected on the map.

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