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Adding Shortcodes using the Shortcode Selector

The easiest way to add any Optima Express shortcode to a page or post is to use the Shortcode Selector that's included with the plugin. It provides a list of all available shortcodes as well as fields with which to customize your shortcode. Instead of typing out parameters you can input your selections and insert the shortcode into your page. 

The Shortcode Selector is available on all Page or Post editing screens, as long as you are in Visual editing mode (as opposed to editing the HTML directly in Text mode). Click the house icon that appears in the toolbar to open the Shortcode Selector.


Then navigate to the type of shortcode you wish to add and select it. All available parameters will be displayed, allowing you to customize the shortcode. When finished, click the Insert button and the shortcode will be added to your page. 

If your theme uses a custom page builder, you can create shortcodes and copy them to your clipboard by using the Shortcodes link that appears under Optima Express in the left nav bar of the WordPress Admin. Follow the same steps as above to configure the shortcode, but click the "Copy to Clipboard" button, then paste in your page builder or anywhere else that accepts a shortcode.

New! Display Type 
Choose List or Grid display type. The default setting is determined by your Listing Settings: 
Control Panel > Setup > Listing Settings > Results & Featured.

To edit shortcode for existing Listing Galleries, use any of the three new parameters:

includeMap (true/false)
displayType (list/grid)
resultsPerPage (numeric value)

View examples of Listing Gallery shortcode >>



Insert Shortcode

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