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Displaying & Managing Featured Sold & Pending Listings

Highlighting your featured sold and pending listings on your website is a great way to instill confidence in your new prospects. iHomefinder makes it easy to manage your featured Sold/Pending listings and control how they’re displayed on your website. 

As of 4/18/2018, the display of Sold and Pending listings can be automated for all clients whose MLS boards include Sold/Pending data and whose packages include Featured Properties and Sold listings. Clients whose boards do not include Sold/Pending can manage their Sold and Pending listings manually.

Automated Featured Sold and Pending Listings

Starting 4/18/2018, clients whose MLS systems offer Sold and Pending listing data can use the MLS Sold data to populate their Featured Sold & Pending pages. 

Accounts will dynamically display all Sold & Pending listings that match the MLS ID on the account, and include:

  • sold and pending listings where the MLS ID matches the listing agent
  • sold and pending listings where the MLS ID matches the co-listing agent
  • listings where the MLS ID matches the buyer’s agent (where provided by the MLS) 

If no sold listings are found using the primary MLS ID, the page will fall back to additional IDs entered.
Supplemental listings can be displayed on these pages in addition to the dynamically displayed listings.

Turning Automated Sold & Pending On/Off

Beginning 4/18/2018, new clients will have Automated Featured Sold & Pending listings on by default. Clients can turn it on/off in the IDX Control Panel by accessing Setup > Listing Settings > Results & Featured.

Automated Sold & Pending Featured Display

Automated Sold & Pending listings will display the MLS-provided listing information. If you would like to curate the listings that display or edit the content, you should turn the setting off to revert to manual Sold & Pending management. 

Sold and Pending listings can be configured to display on separate pages, together with navigation tabs, or with the Active list (also with navigation tabs). You can configure this using the dropdown menus in the Control Panel under Setup > Listing Settings > Results & Featured.


Manual Sold & Pending Management



  • After your account has been fully activated, your account will start storing your listings that change status from "Active", so you can manage them as described below - or watch the video.
  • Your account will not include listings that were sold prior to activating your account. You can manually enter these in your account by going to LISTINGS > Sold/Off-Market > Add a Sold/Pending.

Listings That You Sell Going Forward

  • When you have an active listing in your MLS® System and it changes status, the listing will be stored in your account with a status of "Unknown".
  • These listings stay in your account with this status for 120 days before they are removed from your account.
  • You can keep these listing in your account permanently by setting the property status to Sold or Pending. You can also control which Sold/Pending listings are displayed on your site. 

How Your Sold Listings Are Identified Going Forward

* If the primary MLS ID on your account is your Agent ID, featured istings where you represented the seller will be included.

* If the primary MLS ID on your account is your Office ID, featured listings where your brokerage represented the seller will be included.

* For more information about agent IDs and office IDs, please see our Featured Listings - Agent Code Vs. Office Code article.

Setting Property Status and Website Display Options

1) In your account Control Panel, go to LISTINGS Sold/Off-Market.

2) Click on a listing in the City/Address column.

3) Under the Listing Information tab, click on Property Information.

Select Show on Website if you'd like the listing included on your Sold/Pending listings page on your website. Sold/Pending listings pages are not included with Optima Social or Optima Mobile accounts.

Select Pending or Sold property status to store the listing in your account permanently, even if you choose not to show it on your website.

4) Click on Save Property Information, located at the bottom of the page.

Include Sold and Pending Listings with Featured Listings

You can include your Sold/Pending listings wherever your active Featured Listings are displayed. This can provide even more exposure since there are more options for displaying Featured Listings throughout your site, using listing galleries, widgets, gallery sliders, and slideshows.

You'll find this option under SETUP > Listing Settings > Results & Featured.

Featured Sold Listings Where You Represent the Buyer (Selling Agent)

  • Our system only includes listings where you represent the seller (listing agent), or where your brokerage represents the seller (listing office).
  • We do not include listings where you represent the buyer (selling agent) or where your brokerage represents the buyer (selling office).
  • You can manually add sold listings where you or your office represent the buyer as supplemental listings via the control panel.

IDX Sold Listings

For information about search and display of sold IDX listings (listings from outside of your brokerage), please see our IDX Sold Listings article.

Boards without Featured Pending and Sold Listings

Please note, some boards do not allow featured pending and sold listings. In these boards, featured pending and sold listings will not appear in your control panel. These boards include the following:

* ME - MREIS / MaineListings (featured pending and sold listings are permitted in MREIS Plus after broker and MLS® System authorization for pending and sold listings)
* MI - Realcomp (featured solds are permitted with Realcomp Plus after broker and MLS® System authorization for sold listings)
* SD - REALTOR® Association of the Sioux Empire
* SK - Association of Regina REALTORS®
* SK - Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS®

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