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What is syndication?

Featured listings syndication is an optional service, by your request as an active iHomefinder member-client, that will send your own active listings, or your office's active listings (featured listings) to third party websites that specialize in real estate search. Syndication helps promote your listings to the market and can drive traffic back to your website.

Can I send listings through my board or brokerage instead?

In most cases, yes, agents and brokers can syndicate directly via their MLS® System or their brokerage. We recommend checking and trying this approach before considering syndication via IDX.

Syndication destination websites prioritize broker and MLS® System data sources over IDX data sources, and attempting to add an IDX source might result in duplication errors, resulting in the listings not appearing at all on the destination website.

If your board or brokerage cannot syndicate your listings, please contact us to see if it is possible for us to do this for your account.

Where is syndication permitted and not allowed?
Please see this article for a list of boards that do and do not allow syndication of your own listings via IDX providers.

Rules vary among real estate boards and MLS® Systems. Some boards do not allow syndication from vendors such as iHomefinder, and we cannot syndicate any client listings in such boards. If a board's rules ever change to prohibit syndication, we will need to stop syndication for featured listings in that MLS® System with little or no advance notice.

Where can you send my listings?

Syndication destinations are Oodle, AdWriter, and Vast.
(LeadingRE syndication is also possible for LeadingRE members only.)

We do not syndicate to or Most boards automatically send all active listings to (or to in Canada), including the name and contact info of the listing agent on each listing. If your listings are not appearing on or, we recommend you contact your broker, board, or or for guidance.

When can syndication start?

It can take around 2 to 3 business days for syndication to start, after we process your request, and for listing updates to appear on destination websites. It is up to the destination to decide how long the listings remain on their website.

Which listings are syndicated?

We only syndicate active listings where you are the listing agent representing the seller (or, if you are the managing broker of the office, where your firm is the listing brokerage representing the seller). We never syndicate off-marketing, pending, or sold listings, or any IDX listings where you or your brokerage do not represent the seller.

We cannot syndicate individual listings, only the set of active listings you or your brokerage represent, based on your agent ID or office ID in your MLS® System. All active listings under your chosen MLS ID are syndicated.

What will show on the destination website?

We do not control the appearance, design, or fields which syndication destinations choose to show on their websites (including agent and office contact info). That is up to the destination website to decide. You might wish to see the format of existing listings on the destination site to get an idea of how syndicated listings will appear.

What name will show on the destination website as the listing agent?

The first and last name you have entered in your iHomefinder account will show on all listings you syndicate to the destination website.

If you do not wish to show the name on your iHomefinder account on all syndicated listings for your office, you must switch from an Office ID to an Agent ID in the MLS Setup area of the IDX Control Panel.

  • Exception: If you have a Broker package, are using your office ID in the MLS Setup area of the IDX Control Panel, and you set up an agent bio page in the IDX Control Panel with the agent's email address and the agent's MLS ID.
    • In this situation, the individual listing agent name will show on the destination website for that agent's listings.
Each of the above options will affect the listings that display as featured listings on your site. Specifically:
  • With an agent ID, you will show featured listings for an agent on your own website, and you will syndicate listings for that agent (showing the one name on your iHomefinder account).
  • With an office ID, you will show featured listings for your office on your own website, and you will syndicate listings for your office (showing the one name on your iHomefinder account, not names of other agents - unless you have a Broker package and set up agent bio pages with email addresses and MLS IDs).
(You can also set up multiple Agent IDs in your MLS Setup area, which will show more than one agent's listings on your featured listings page. If you syndicate with this option, all listings will show the first and last name you have used on your iHomefinder account on the syndicated listings on the destination website.)

Which plans are eligible?

Syndication is available on Power and Broker plans (not on Pro or Starter plans).

How can I request syndication?

To request syndication of your featured listings (after checking about direct syndication via your MLS® System and brokerage), please create a support ticket (please include your client ID when contacting us). We will then let you know if syndication is possible and enabled, or if anything further is required from you or your broker.


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