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Featured Listing Display for Agent Pages

To have your agents’ featured listings appear on their bios or in a listing gallery, you must enter each agent’s MLS ID in their Agent Profile.

Begin by accessing your iHomefinder Control Panel > Setup > Agents & Offices > Agents. Then click the name of the agent you’d like to add Featured Listings for, and open the Basic Information section of the profile. Enter the agent’s ID in the field provided. If more than one MLS system is available in your account, make sure to enter the Agent ID in the field that corresponding to the correct MLS system.




Save the changes and the agents listings will appear and update automatically on their agent bio page. Featured listings will automatically update with new listings based on MLS data. If you are creating custom bio pages, you can display a listing gallery showing only an agent's Featured listings by using the shortcode selector and choosing the agent's name from the dropdown menu provided.


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