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Polygon Saved Search Pages

Power, Broker and Gold package clients can create Saved Search Pages that show results within an area drawn on a map. This allows you to target specific local areas - whether it's one block, a coastline, the area around a golf course or an entire region, your Saved Search Page will dynamically pull all results in that exact location meeting your search criteria. Polygon Saved Search Pages are available for all property types in your MLS Board when you search by basic criteria.

Creating A Polygon Saved Search

  1. Set up your Saved Search Page by accessing the IDX Control Panel > Listings > Saved Search Pages
  2. Click "Add A Saved Search Page" and fill out the required fields. For Type, choose Polygon Search or Advanced Polygon Search (Advanced Polygon Search is available for residential property types only, and is limited to one MLS).
  3. Enter any search criteria - property type, price range, beds/baths - as needed.
  4. Draw your polygon. You can zoom or drag the map to the location you desire. Begin your polygon by clicking the map, then outline the area you'd like used in your search. Double-click to complete your polygon, or close it by dropping the final point on top of the initial point. Edit the shape by dragging any existing map point, or erase your polygon over and begin again by clicking Start Over.
  5. Click Save to save and return to the Saved Search Index, or click Save & Preview to see the results open in a new window.

Displaying Saved Searches On Your Site

Once you have created a Listing Report, it can be displayed in a few different ways on your site. Use the links below for step-by-step instructions:

  • Add a Listing Gallery - Embeds the Listing Report within an existing page or post (framing is NOT used). This is great for adding listings to pages or posts you've already created.
  • Property Gallery Widget - Display thumbnails from the Listing Report in a widget area or display links to saved search pages within a widget area
  • Property Gallery Slider - Displays an attractive row or grid of listings that can advance automatically (animated) or manually (click on arrows).

Watch How to Display Listing Reports On Your Site

Link to Saved Searches

You can link directly to a Listing Report page if you don't wish to use any of the options above.

In your IDX Control panel, go to Listings > Saved Searches

Select "View Page". Once you are viewing the Listing Report, you can copy the link.

Searches with many listings

If your search returns more than 300 results, you'll receive a warning as you save, letting you know more results are included than can be displayed. You can edit your polygon or search criteria, or save anyway. Searches with more than 1000 results will show a message instructing you to narrow your search before it can be saved.

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