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Email Branding

The tools in the Email Branding section allow you to configure and customize all the emails that are sent to your clients by the iHomefinder system.

  • Email Branding: the Email branding tab is used to create your Global Default branding which can be used on all iHomefinder emails to ensure that your messages are consistently and effectively branded.
  • Email Customization: the Email customization tab can be used to customize the branding and text for individual emails. Under the Choose Email box, select the specific email form that you would like to customize. However, once you have created your Global Default branding, it is not necessary to customize individual emails.
    • Email Subject. This is the text that will be used as the subject line whenever this email is sent.
    • Header and Footer design for the selected email. If you wish for all messages to use the same branding, configure the Global Default branding on the Email Branding tab. If you have configured global email branding, that design will be used for all emails that do not have customized branding.
    • Template Selection. At this point, most emails have only a single template choice, but this section may be expanded in the future to offer you more template choices for each email type.

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