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CSS Customization (Responsive)

OPTIMA IDX  (Responsive)

Using Firebug to locate CSS

To help you identify the CSS code within the IDX pages you will want to download Firebug for Firefox or Stylebot for Chrome (Firebug for Chrome does not work well). Here are the main steps to finding the CSS code to alter on an IDX page:

  1. Click on the selection tool button.
  2. Click on the item you wish to modify with CSS.
  3. Once a item is selected, it will show the section of code below with the <div> you will need to hide.
  4. Copy the ID/Class tag

Overriding CSS in the Control Panel

In your Control Panel, navigate to Setup > Design/Branding Setup > CSS (tab), and enter the class and value you copied into the Style Override field. Perform the edits you wish to make to this CSS, then click Submit to save these changes.


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