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When you install the Optima Express plugin, several links are generated than you can use to display IDX content on your site. These look like regular WordPress pages, but are dynamically generated. Visitors to your website can access these pages if you link to them on your site.

The IDX pages that are currently available are:

  • Basic Search

  • Map Search (If included in your package)

  • Advanced Search

  • Property Organizer Login

  • Email Alerts Sign Up

  • Featured Listings

  • List of Saved Searches (toppicks)

  • Contact Form

  • Home Valuation Form

  • Supplemental Listings

  • Sold Featured Listings

You can access your IDX pages within your wordpress dashboard.

Dashboard > Optima Express > IDX Pages



How do I use my IDX Pages

The most common way to used your IDX Pages is add links to your WordPress Menu.

You can add navigation links to your IDX pages by accessing Appearance > Customize within your WordPress dashboard. From there, access the Navigation section and under the Primary Menu option, choose Optima Express and save.

You can also copy/paste individual IDX page URL's into your existing menu. To locate the IDX page URL's for copying, navigate to Optima Express > IDX Pages in your WordPress dashboard.

See more about creating WordPress menus here.



Editing the content of IDX Pages

Since the IDX pages are dynamically generated, you can not edit them like other WordPress pages. There are several options for adding search and listings to WordPress pages using shortcode. See more about shortcode here


Technical Notes

The Optima Express IDX Pages are dynamically generated on the fly using the WordPress rewrite API, and therefore do not exist in the WordPress database. With the IDX pages being dynamically generated in this way, your WordPress site will not need to contain a page for each of the tens of thousands of listing provided by your board.

Even though the IDX pages do not actually exist in WordPress like a traditional page or post, they are full indexable on your domain, and are styled by the theme template assigned to the IDX page.

While the IDX is not editable within the WordPress page / post editor, they can be manipulated with CSS and JavaScript. Additionally, custom page templates can be created to modify the IDX Page.

It is important to note that the IDX Pages are preconfigured in this way to stay compliant with your board’s IDX display policy. By using these pages, you can be assured that your website will always stay compliant with your board’s policies.


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