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Markets & Listing Reports (Saved Search Pages)


NOTE: This article is relevant for clients who do not have MarketBoost. If you have MarketBoost in your account, please refer to our MarketBoost Setup Guide.


Create a Market (formerly a Saved Search Page) in your Control Panel to generate a Listing Report that displays indexable lists of properties that meet the search criteria defined in your market.

Listing Reports dynamically update to reflect the most current listings on the market. Display on a standalone page or incorporate them in Optima Express shortcodes or widgets. They are an excellent way to improve SEO on your site by providing links to properties in your territory for search engines to index


Creating Markets 

To add a Listing Report to your website, begin by creating a Market, which will determine which listings appear in your Listing Report.

In your WordPress dashboard, go to Optima Express > IDX Control Panel

Navigate to Markets and click the button labeled Add a Market

You can define a Market using basic search criteria, advanced search criteria or by manually entering Listing IDs. Advanced search criteria can be used only for the House/Condo property type.

Each market can be for only one property type (except for the option to create a combined house/condo market).

Power, Gold Agent, and Broker plans have the additional option of defining Markets by drawing a polygon. With this option you can draw on a map to define the geographic boundaries for a Market. Learn more about creating Polygon Markets.

NOTE: Any property type can be included when using the Polygon option.


Watch How to Create a Market


Accessing & Editing 

Once you create a Market, a link to the corresponding Listing Report will appear in your IDX Control panel under Markets.

The number next to each Market title is the ID, which is used when manually entering shortcodes to display a listing report within a Listing Gallery or Gallery Slider.

View Page You will also see a link to the right of your Saved Search title labeled "View Page. Click this link to view the Listing Report, or copy the link and add it to your site if you wish to link directly to the Listing Report on your site.



Displaying Your Listing Report

Once you have created a Listing Report, it can be displayed in a few different ways on your site. Use the links below for step-by-step instructions:


  • Add a Listing Gallery - Embeds the Listing Report  within an existing page or post (framing is NOT used). This is great for adding listings to pages or posts you've already created. 
  • Property Gallery Widget - Display thumbnails from the Listing Report in a widget area or display links to saved search pages within a widget area
  • Property Gallery Slider - Displays an attractive row or grid of listings that can advance automatically (animated) or manually (click on arrows).

Link to Listing Reports

You can link directly to a Listing Report page if you don't wish to use any of the options above.

In your IDX Control panel, go to Listings > Saved Searches

Select "View Page". Once you are viewing the Listing Report, you can copy the link.


Watch How to Display Listing Reports On Your Site

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