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Adding the SEO City Links Widget


SEO City Links

SEO City Links (Available for Power, Agent Gold, and Broker accounts only) allow you to add links to search results of the areas in which you sell. These links are meant to be unobtrusive to your leads who visit the page, and beneficial to search engine crawlers.

Search Engines (such as Google) will navigate through these links which will allow them to quickly locate and index listings on your website's domain.




Adding a Link

To add a link, first navigate to Optima Express > SEO City Links. From here you will want to add your search configuration and click Save Changes. You may repeat this step for each area you wish to add.

Link Configuration: You may change the amount of spacing between each city.




Once you have added the cities, you will need to enable these links to display on your site. Navigate to Appearance > Widgets and drag the Optima Express SEO City Links to the widget area of your choice. We recommend placing this widget in a Footer Widget Area if your WordPress theme supports it, otherwise you could place it in a Sidebar Widget Area.

These links provide a way for search engines to crawl through listings on your site, so if you are looking to provide content for users then you will want to visit the Community Pages guide.




Removing a Link

After adding a link you will see it added to the bottom of Optima Express > SEO City Links. You may remove links individually in this location.




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