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MLS Board Info

The MLS Board Information page provides information for all boards covered under the iHomefinder system. This page is accessed via the “View iHomefinder’s Current Coverage” link on the client’s MLS Board Setup page or via the MLS Board Info button on the left navigation bar of the Partner Portal.

MLS Board Search
MLS Boards can be located using the MLS Board Search. Boards can be searched for by MLS Association name or filtered by the Zip Code or City, which the board covers.
List of MLS Boards
  • Board Name: lists the MLS Board and abbreviation. MLS Boards can be sorted by coverage region, or by state. Clicking on an MLS Board will lead to a page containing more detailed information about the chosen board.
  • Coverage: lists the MLS Board coverage area
  • Agents Allowed: certain MLS boards only allow brokers to have IDX tools. These boards will include a “Brokers Only*” notice. The majority of MLS Boards allow both agents and brokers.
  • Additional Fees: some MLS Boards require additional fees in order to be approved for an IDX feed. These boards will be marked with a $ sign. Clicking on the sign will provide more information on the fees required.
    • Direct Fees: Direct fees are additional fees that the realtor pays directly to the MLS Board.
    • Pass-Thru Fees: Pass-thru fees are fees that are charged by iHomefinder and passed along to the MLS board.
  • Paperwork: Many MLS Boards require that Agents and Brokerages submit paperwork and go through an approval process before they are allowed to display MLS data on their Agent or Brokerage websites. This field shows which paperwork process is required.
    • Manual: MLS Boards that require a manual paperwork process are marked by a check.
    • Automatic: MLS Boards that include an automatic paperwork process are marked “Auto.”
    • No Paperwork: some MLS Boards do not require paperwork.

In summary, the MLS Board Information page provides detailed information on PTFs, approval timeframes, compliance rules, data available and Associations included in MLS.


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