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Billing Information

All your wholesale package and pricing information is listed in the Billing section of your Partner Portal.

The billing information page contains a comprehensive overview of the billing information for each of your clients

Billing Charts Type: The Billing Types Chart tab is an information page showing the different package types and the fees. Dollar amounts shown are the wholesale amounts paid to iHomefinder by you, the Reseller. Your Reseller pricing listed on this page is not the suggested retail price of the iHomefinder product.

Monthly Overview: The monthly overview page provides a list of all your clients who are being billed (i.e. not pending). Information on the client’s package, current usage, and usage limit rate are provided. If a client is exceeding the monthly usage limit (and thus incurring additional usage charges) the Percentage Total for that client will be listed in red.

Search: The search tab is used to search for an individual client’s billing information. The results of the search will display the client and the same billing-related information that is included on the Overview tab. 

Export to CSV: The export to CSV tab is used to export billing information to a CSV file, which can then be opened in a spreadsheet program. The file will include information on all clients and will include the following fields:

  • Client ID
  • Reseller Client ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Email
  • Web Site URL
  • Billing Package
  • Billing Start Date
  • Total Searches
  • Usage Limit
  • Percentage of Total Usage Limit
  • Total Monthly Charge
  • Total Searches
  • Total Email Updates Attempted
  • Total Featured Property Views

 Billing Reports: The billing reports tab can be used to create an HTML report of all clients and their current charges. This can be printed from your web browser.


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