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For Broker Accounts, you'll want to use the Add a Client function in the Partner Portal. 

Complete all the form fields, then click the Save Account Setting button at the bottom of the page.

On the Package Config page, you'll select the package (this is the only step that needs to be taken on this page), then click the Save Package/Billing Settings at the bottom of the page.

On the Clients Options page, only the fields marked with a red asterisk and red text are mandatory. Once these fields are completed, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Account Settings.

On the MLS Setup (last step of the Add a Client setup process), select your client's Board and click Add to initiate the paperwork process for your client.

Once you have added the MLS/Board, you can add or modify the Agent and/or Office ID. 

Please note! Information from these fields - such as name, phone and email address - will show on your client's public website. Please be sure to enter correct and current information for your client in these fields.

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