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Market Report Shortcode

If you're using Optima Express + MarketBoost or OmniPress + MarketBoost, you have the option of adding MarketBoost report pages to your own custom website pages rather than linking directly to the report pages created by MarketBoost. This is easily done with just a few clicks - you don't need to know anything about code!

All links to the default report pages can be redirected to your custom pages if you choose to take advantage of this option.

NOTE: If you have Optima Express, please make sure your Optima Express plugin is version 3.1 or higher to use this feature.

1. Adding a MarketBoost report to a page

After you've created a MarketBoost market, select a page or create a new page in your website dashboard where you would like a market report to appear.

You'll add a shortcode to the page to display your chosen MarketBoost report. This is most easily done by using the shortcode selector in the WordPress visual page editor.

After opening the shortcode selector, choose the Listings tab and select Market Report. Then choose the Market you'd like to display on the page, and opt to show or hide the header.

The shortcode added to your page will look like this:

[optima_express_market_report id="277175" header="true"]

The Market Report page for your selected Market will display by default within the page.

Listing Reports and Open Home Reports

If you would rather have the Listing Report or the Open Home Report display by default on your custom page:

Open the shortcode selector as described above
Choose the Listings tab and select Listings Gallery
Select Listing Report or Open Home Report from the drop-dwon menu

MarketBoost Page Navigation

When enabled, the navigation option will add links to the Market Report, Listings Report or Open Home Report to the top of the different Report pages. Learn how >>

2. Redirect email & Market navigation links to your custom pages

After you've added a Market Report to a custom page on your site using the shortcode, you might want to direct all email and navigation links to your custom page instead of the default report page URL created by iHomefinder.

To do so, access your Control Panel and navigate to Markets. Open the Market you created the custom page for and navigate to Settings > Market Report. Enter the URL of the custom page in the field provided and save. Your navigation and email links will now point to the URL you entered.

If you added Listing Reports or Open Home Reports to custom pages on your site, you can redirect the default report page URLs to your custom page URLs. Under Settings, select Listing Report or Open Homes Report to enter the URL of the custom page in the provided field and save.

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