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Adding Subscribers to Alerts

MarketBoost clients can send three email alert types to clients and leads, and adding subscribers to email alerts is a simple process.

Within the IDX Control Panel, navigate to the Markets section, where you'll see a list of all existing Markets. Click the number in the Subscribers column for the Market you'd like to add subscribers to, or open the Market and navigate to the Subscribers tab.


Adding Subscribers to a Market

Adding existing leads: In the Add Subscribers box, begin typing the name or email address of a lead already in the iHomefinder system, and select the lead in question from the autosuggest box. You can add multiple leads by comma separating them or adding each to their own line. When you have all the leads entered, select the alerts all leads should receive and click Subscribe

To add new leads: Type or paste a list of email addresses into the Add Subscribers box, select the alerts you'd like the group to be subscribed to, and click "Subscribe." You add existing and new leads in the same batch with no problem. To bulk upload a list of leads with Name and Address information, please contact

Changing or removing subscriptions: After you've added subscribers, they will display under Subscriber List. You can change alerts for subscribers by selecting or deselecting the alert options next to their name, then clicking Save. Ending all alerts for a lead will remove them from the Subscribers list. Clicking REMOVE followed by Save will end all subscriptions for a lead from this Market only.


Watch a demonstration:



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