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Open Home Alerts & Pages

When you create a Market, a corresponding Open Homes page and alert are automatically set up.


Open Home Alerts 

Open Home Alerts are sent once a week, on Thursday afternoons, and include any scheduled open homes for that Market in the coming 7 days. Featured listings will sort to the top by default, and if more than 10 open homes are scheduled the email will include a link to the Open Home page where all scheduled open homes can be viewed.

If you've checked the "Featured Only in Alerts" box in on the Open Homes section of the Settings page for a Market, Open Home Alerts for that Market will include only your featured listings, with a link to view all scheduled open homes (featured or not). If you've selected the Featured Only option and you have no open homes scheduled for a given week, alerts will not be sent.

Clients and prospects can be added to Open Home Alerts through the control panel or on the website, using the signup button or widget.


Open Home Alert


Open Homes Page

The Open Homes page shows all properties within the Market with an open home scheduled; the page is not confined to the next seven days, as the email alert is. The first scheduled open house appears on the results page, and clicking through to the property details displays all open house dates for that listing.


Open Homes Page

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