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iHomefinder Reseller API Overview

iHomefinder Reseller API

Automated Account Set Up and Pass-Through Fee Lookup

Are you a strong candidate for leveraging the Reseller API?

The Reseller API is an ideal solution for you, if you are a prospective or current Reseller Partner of Broker Enterprise License client, and you:

  • Have a large existing customer base to whom you intend to introduce the product.
  • Project that you'll onboard 100+ clients within the next quarter.

What is the Reseller API?

Automated Account Set Up

  • Automates product set-up and client settings management within your Partner Portal or Broker Administration Portal
  • Passes the following information (and more) into your Partner Portal or Broker Administration Portal from your own interface or form:

- Add a client record

- Select a package

- Add the client’s Board/MLS

- Configure Agent and Office ID

- Set basic account information, including Username and Password

- Change an account from pending to active (but not the reverse)

- Disable an account (but cannot delete)

- Turn Solds on and off

- Turn Featured Listings on and off

- Almost everything that can be set in the Partner Portal, can be passed via the API. There are some exceptions.

Automated Pass-Through Fee Lookup

  • Returns an information request for a Board’s Pass-Through Fee. The PTF information can be automatically passed to your employees (so they can quote a potential client) or to a client signing up on your website (via a drop down in a form).
  • Please note:
    • Some boards have manual pass-through fees that are not included in the Reseller API. We maintain a list of these boards for reference.
    • Some boards have direct fees (charged by the MLS to the member directly for IDX). These direct IDX fees are not included in the Reseller API. You can find information on direct fees on the IDX Coverage page for each board we serve.

What are the benefits you?

  • More efficient way for you to manage your accounts with us.
  • Easier to scale up your business quickly.
  • Easier for your employees to look up pass-through fees
  • Easier for clients to self-serve with pass through fee information. You can use the API to populate a drop down like we do on our website. (Via the link, scroll down to see the MLS System/Association drop down or in the screenshot at the bottom of this page, see the red arrow that points to PTF information passed by Reseller API.)

How you can get started?

  • The documentation needed to implement the Reseller API is located here. Please contact to get the password to view the documentation.
  • Schedule a time to meet with Support to ask questions about the documentation or email questions to Support at




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