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Subscriber Web Service

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You may use the following code to view a list of the functions available via the web service when using the WSDL mode.

$client = new SoapClient('');
echo "<pre>".print_r($client->__getFunctions(),1)."</pre>\n";


[0] => string getSubscriber(double $uid, string $sid, string $email)
[1] => string addEmailUpdate(double $uid, string $sid, string $XmlDataString)
[2] => Map getZipInfo(double $uid, string $sid)
[3] => string getPriceRange(double $uid, string $sid, string $propType)
[4] => string getResponsePrototype(double $uid, string $sid, string $propType)
[5] => Map getCityInfo(double $uid, string $sid)
[6] => string updateSubscribers(double $uid, string $sid, string $XmlDataString)

Function Specific Documentation

  • getSubscriber
  • addEmailUpdate
  • getZipInfo
  • getPriceRange
  • getResponsePrototype
  • getCityInfo
  • updateSubscribers

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