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Adding Google Analytics to Optima IDX

Google Universal Analytics is a powerful tool that tracks information about your users and their behavior on your site. You can use this information for many purposes, from optimizing your site to making your most popular content more accessible. 

iHomefinder's IDX Event Tracking will extend Universal Analytics to track and report detailed activity related to IDX features. This empowers you to provide data to your clients on listing activity and monitor all activity around the IDX features on your site. You can also monitor lead conversions (form fills in our IDX account) attributed to your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns such as AdWords.


1) Set Up Your Google Universal Analytics Account

If you're new to Google Analytics, you'll first need to set up your account.

2) Add the Universal Analytics Tracking Code

Once your account is set up, you need to add the Universal Analytics tracking code "snippet" to your website.

You can learn more about the tracking code in the Google support article "Set up the web tracking code".


You'll need to add the tracking code in 2 places in order for it to work across all of your site content - IDX pages and non-IDX pages.

1) IDX pages: Add the code to the CSS Override page in your Optima IDX account. In your IDX Control Panel, go to SETUP > Design & Branding > CSS

Please contact us if you need help with adding the tracking code to your CSS panel.

2) All other pages: Add the code to your other site pages by following the tracking code setup instructions provided by Google.


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