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WordPress Blog (Optima IDX & iSites)

Using the Integrated WordPress Blog



Optima IDX accounts (Power and Brokerage) and iSite accounts (Power and Brokerage) include an integrated blog page powered by the WordPress Content Management System (CMS).



MLS Board Policies

Most blog users are currently able to embed their own featured listings into their WordPress blog posts, with others able to embed listing summaries from their brokerage/office or even the entire MLS board.

Blog Setup

Note: The blog feature will not be activated until this setup step has been performed.

In your IDX Control Panel, navigate to Setup > Mobile/Social Setup > Blog.

Enter the subdomain you wish to use for your blog in the field provided.

For example, entering the sub-domain ‘jsmith’ in the Blog Domain field results in a blog with the address:

After you are finished specifying the subdomain you wish to use for your WordPress blog, the ‘Blog’ button will be available on the top navigation of your IDX Control Panel.

Blog Management


Accessing the WordPress Dashboard

Access your blog by clicking the BLOG button on the Control Panel’s top-level navigation.

A new window will open, presenting the WordPress Dashboard.



Creating New Posts

If you place your cursor over the ‘Posts’ button on the left side of the dashboard, an arrow will appear. Click on the arrow to expand the Post management menu.



Next click on the ‘Add New’ button to begin the process of adding a new post to your web blog (blog)



At the top of the page which loads a very large text field will be present. Enter the title for your blog post into the field at the top of the page.



After you remove the text cursor from the large field, a ‘Permalink’ option will display beneath the title. This indicates to you what the webpage address will be for the new post. You can click on the ‘Edit’ link and modify the text portion of the page address.

It is recommended that you allow the webpage URL so that it matches the title of the post you are creating.



Above the title field is a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) editor which allows you to edit the body of the post. You can enter paragraphs, images, text lists, quotes, and other content into the post using this editor.



If you click on the icon shown in the screenshot above, more options will be presented in the toolbar.



After you have completed the addition of the content for your post, you can choose to save the post as a draft (and continue adding or editting content later), modify the status of the post (public, password protected), modify the date in which the post becomes public (now or later), or simply click on the blue ‘Publish’ button at the top right corner to publish the new post immediately to your blog post page.



Adding Listings

Notice: MLS board policies may vary regarding which listings may be embedded into a blog post.
Please see the MLS Board Policies section towards the top of this page for more information.

To add a listing to a blog post, simply use the iHomefinder Listing Tool button shown on the far right of the toolbar.



All that is necessary is that you paste in the MLS Listing number for the listing, and select the appropriate MLS board (if your account is using more than one MLS board).



A special "short code" will be inserted into your post. You may add content above or below this short code, which will result in the content being displayed above or below the actual listing summary on the blog post page.



Adding Images

If you wish to add images or other file links to your posts, click on the ‘Add Media’ icon displayed above the WYSIWYG Editor toolbar.



You can choose to work with files you’ve previously uploaded to the blog, or from a specific external URL.



Or by default you can choose to upload files from your own computer by clicking on the ‘Select Files’ button.



You will need to use the file upload window which appears to navigate the file system on your computer and then select the image file you wish to upload.



While the image is uploading, the page will indicate the progress of the file upload.



After the image has finished uploading, you will be presented with many options for labeling, sizing, and aligning the image after it is inserted into the post.



Using Tags

Above the post body WYSIWYG editor there is a section which you can use to apply certain tags to the post. Tags are like keywords associated with the post. These can be city names or features which are commonly of interest to your leads.



On the bottom left of each post the tags will be displayed, so the user may select a tag to view other posts which are using the same tag. On the right side of the pages is a tag cloud, which displays the tags in various sizes based on how many posts are associated with the tags. In this example there are more listings tagged with ‘luxury’ than there are ones tagged with ‘sacramento’ or ‘two story’, so the ‘luxury’ tag link is displayed in a much larger font.




For each post which you publish to your blog page, viewers are able to leave comments on the post.



These comments are not immediately made public, but are queued for moderation once they’ve been added



In your blog Dashboard you can click on a button to review all the comments.



You can choose to mark comments as approved, spam, or trash…or even reply publicly to the comment.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: Why is this feature not enabled for my account?

Answer: Either you have not gone through the blog setup process for your account and thus the ‘Manage Blog’ button has not been enabled, or you are using a base Agent IDX package for your account. You must be using the Power Agent IDX or a Brokerage IDX package to use this feature with your existing iHomefinder account. If you wish to upgrade to a package which supports the WordPress blog feature, simply contact an account manager .

2. Question: Do you have a plugin that I can use on my own WordPress site?

Answer: We are currently offering a WordPress blog page as part of our existing Power Agent IDX and Brokerage packages. Our goal is to enable Realtors to easily get started with blogging without requiring them to figure out how to setup a WordPress account, theme it, acquire a plug-in, and so on. For Realtors who are more experienced with blogging, we are looking at offering a stand-alone plug-in as a separate product however this is currently not available.

We do appreciate the feedback of our clients, so feel free to drop us a note via support ticket if you would like us to pass your request for such a feature to our product manager.

3. Question: Can I import posts from my current WordPress blog into your system?

Answer: Yes. In your WordPress Dashboard under Tools -> Export, you can export the content of your blog. If you provide our support team with the file via support ticket and let us know the Client ID for your account, we can import your blog content into your iHomefinder blog page. Your current blog must stay live so that the import may include transferring photos and other files from your current blog.


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