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Responsive & Fixed-width Versions

The current Optima Express plugin includes a Responsive version and a Fixed-width version.

Starting on April 14, 2014, brand-new installations of Optima Express default to the Responsive version. Clients with the previous (Fixed-width) version will not be changed to the Responsive version automatically.

A responsive WordPress theme is required for the Responsive version of Optima Express to function. You will need to use the Fixed-width version of Optima Express if you are not currently using a responsive WordPress theme.

Changing The Optima Express Version

You can change between the Responsive and Fixed-width versions in your WordPress dashboard. Go to Optima Express > Configuration and change Version to Fixed-width or Responsive.

Fixed-width Version

A Mobile IDX website is included for clients using the Fixed-width version of Optima Express. In the WordPress dashboard, go to Optima Express > IDX Control Panel > Setup > Mobile & Social > Mobile Settings. You will also need to add a redirect to your site.

Migrating From Fixed-width to Responsive

If you have been using the Fixed-width version of Optima Express and you applied custom CSS, please note the custom CSS will not work with the Responsive version. You should also test your chosen WordPress theme(s) thoroughly to be sure there are no conflicts.

If you'd like time to test and customize, we recommend setting up a test site with your chosen theme, along with a free trial of Optima Express. You can then switch over to your live site when you have finished testing.

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