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Email Alert Popup

The Email Alert Popup help agents and brokers attract more signups for email update listing alerts. This popup appears after a site visitor performs a search, and invites them to enter their information and receive daily listing alerts on their current search. It’s a simple way let site visitors know they can have new listings delivered to their inbox, and a great way to get more leads.

The email alert popup is available in Omnipress websites and in the responsive versions of Optima Express and Optima IDX. 

email alert popup

To turn on this feature, go to your IDX Control Panel > Setup > Lead Capture > Contact Forms. Turn the Email Alert Popup setting to "on" and this popup will display after searches are performed. If User Registration is on for the site, the email alert option is integrated with the Registration form.

If a site visitor indicates they are not interested in alerts, they will not be prompted until they clear their cookies and visit your site again.


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