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Text Message Lead Notifications

iHomefinder offers text message lead notifications for Pro-level packages and above. When text message notifications are on, agents and brokers receive notice of leads on their website via SMS. Notifications will arrive for the following lead types: information request, contact request, showing request, and valuation request. Each text message includes the name of the lead as well as the lead type,  and a link to the Control Panel with auto-login to allow viewing of detailed lead information. The text message also includes the lead’s email Address and phone number, if entered. Messages are sent from a number that does not accept return calls or text messages.


To receive lead notifications via text message in addition to email, follow the below steps to configure your account. 

  1. Within the Control Panel, go to Setup > Alert & Email Settings > Basic Settings
  2. Enter your mobile phone number in the field. Use the number of the phone on which you would like to receive text messages.
  3. Turn the Receive lead notifications via text message? setting to "Yes" and save your changes. Lead notifications set to route to the main company contact will arrive via email as well as text message.  

Troubleshooting: If you are not receiving text messages and you expect to after following these steps, check Advanced routing settings and make sure that the lead types you would like to receive are all configured to be sent to the main company contact.

Brokerage Text Lead Notifications 

Broker clients can follow the above steps to receive leads directly on a mobile phone, and can also make these notifications available to their agents.

To allow agents to receive text message notifications, within the Control Panel access Setup > Agents and Offices > Basic Settings and set Allow agents to receive lead notification via text message? setting to Yes. Any agent with a mobile phone number entered on their profile will then receive lead notifications via text message in addition to email. This setting can be turned off on the individual agent profile for those who would not like to receive text notifications.

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